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Appointment Information

At Thomas Chittenden Health Center, we strive to ensure that patients who are acutely ill can be seen in a timely manner. We have acute or “sick call” openings available Monday through Saturday, allowing you to get care right in our office rather than spending time and money in an Urgent Care Center or the Emergency Room. In addition, there is a provider available by phone after hours every day of the week. Please note that acute visits may be with another Thomas Chittenden provider, rather than your Primary Care Provider.

To ensure that each patient is given the proper amount of time allotted for their visit and to provide the highest quality care, it is very important for each scheduled patient to arrive for their visit on time. If it’s necessary to reschedule an appointment, please call us immediately.

Reminder calls/texts are made up to 3 days prior to appointment. These are courtesy calls. Patients are responsible for arriving to their appointments on the correct day, at the correct time.

Patients arriving late for an appointment by 15 minutes or more may need to reschedule at the discretion of the provider.  A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is requested for appointment cancellations.

Three Missed or No Show Appointments in a one year period may result in a discharge from the practice.

Acute or Urgent Care Visits

Acute visits are those visits needed for an urgent medical problem. Thomas Chittenden has openings for acute visits every day of the week. In addition, there is always a provider available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for consultation at 878-8131. If you are calling after hours, our answering service will contact the on-call provider who will call you back within 30 minutes. On weekends, there is a provider in the office to see patients every Saturday morning. Consider calling Thomas Chittenden before going to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care Clinic to see if we can help! Of course, if you are experiencing a severe or life-threatening emergency, you should call 911 or go straight to the Emergency Room.

Preventative Care Visits

Preventative Care Visits (Yearly Exams, Annual Physicals, Wellness Exams) are healthy care visits. These appointments are made to discuss routine preventative care, lifestyle management, update your immunizations and screening tests, and generally address issues to keep you healthy. Many insurances cover these in full without co-pay or deductibles applied.

If you are coming to your Preventative Care Visit with new problems or concerns, or you also want to address your chronic medical conditions, we must also claim these problems with your insurance company. These new problems will be subject to co-pays and deductibles, so you may receive an additional charge for this service.

What is covered at a Physical Exam

Insurance Accepted

Thomas Chittenden Health Center accepts most insurance plans, including Aetna, BCBS of Vermont, Cigna, Green Mountain Care/Medicaid, Medicare, MVP, Tricare, and United Health Care. We can bill any insurance carrier; however, if we are not “in network,” you may be responsible for a higher portion of the charges for service provided.