About Us

Welcome to Thomas Chittenden Health Center!

Why choose an Independent Practice?

At Thomas Chittenden Health Center, we believe that the presence of independent practices, both in Primary Care and Subspecialties, is essential for a high functioning, high quality, more efficient health care system.

Patients benefit most when they have independent options for Primary Care in the community, coupled with a high-quality hospital for inpatient treatment.

As an independent health center, our providers have more autonomy and flexibility in scheduling, and patients have easier access to the clinical staff and providers. Our independent status also allows our providers to refer to any provider or hospital, regardless of location or affiliation. This often results in more timely scheduling, frequently at a lesser cost. As a single-site independent practice, there is good communication between all departments – scheduling, billing, front desk, nursing and providers – should you have questions or concerns.

Thomas Chittenden Health Center was started in 1969 as the first independent group practice in Vermont, and is committed to remaining an independent practice in the years to come.